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Changes Implemented & News For Today

Changes Implemented & News For Today

As the coronavirus situation is changing so quickly, we felt in these fast moving times it was important to keep our members abreast of any important changes or club news.

Therefore each day, if applicable, we will update this blog with changes and information that our members need to know.

22nd March 2020

Today our home training programme starts with HIIT on instagram live at 10am with Charlie & Jake. More classes will be added over the coming week and these classes will also be loaded to you You tube, so that you can take part at a time that's convenient for you.

21st March 2020

The gym facillies are closed today and members have all be sent emails laying out their options for membership. We have launched our At Home gym package of support, classes and work out sessions, look out for our first live work out tomorrow morning from Sunny Sutton. Tune in on Instagram at 10am on Sunday morning for our first live HIIT class with Charlie and Jake from Sutton.

20th March 2020

Following the government's announcement today (Friday 20th March) we will be closing our gyms for the foreseeable future and until the closure is lifted. This is in line with the new directive announced by the Prime Minister and is in the interests of supporting the national effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19 and put the health of our members and staff as our priority.

We will be in touch with all members as a matter of urgency with information about options available to you. We request that you do not cancel your membership with us and await our communication as we have several new initiatives, benefits and rewards for members which we will announce in the next few days.

We ask that you give us a little time to attend to any correspondence as we have a high volume of messages at this time. Your health is our priority.

19th March 2020

Today all our gyms are open as normal.

All social distancing measures are in place - including a 50% reduction in class capacity and every other piece of equipment being taken out of action, to ensure additional space.

Comprehensive cleaning schedules are all in place.

More deliveries are due today for handsanitiser, disinfectant wipes and spray.

18th March 2020

Today the majority of clubs received brand new hygiene signage to display in the gyms.

Hand Sanitiser
All clubs have a large delivery of Hand Gel being delivered tomorrow/ Friday.

Disinfectant Sprays
Our supplier is now in a position to re-stock our disinfectant sprays and blue roll/ disinfectant wipes.

17th March 2020

A reminder of our increased cleaning schedule which includes, but is not limited to;

Hourly cleans across the club - to include but not limited to: door handles, fingerprint scanners, reception desk, locker handles; taps; fitness equipment; consoles; frequently touched objects in the pool areas

Gym mats - cleaned before and after a class.

Studio kit such as hand weights - wiped down before and after a class.

Spin bike - saddles and handles cleaned before and after a class.

Class instructors - wipe down head sets and stereo with anti bac wipes and the studio door handle as they leave the studio

Finger print scanners - Cleaned regularly and can be cleaned for members prior to being used.

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