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Pilates Unravelled

Pilates Unravelled

"A man is as young as his spinal column" Joseph Pilates.

This quote really does epitomise what Pilates is all about. Most of us have experienced some sort of back pain at some point in our life. Those dull aches in the lower back or shooting pains down the leg. Lower back pain can be really debilitating, really annoying and certainly makes you feel old when you are walking around hunched over, clinging to your lower back in agony.

It can be hard to think about Pilates as a workout as it is a very gentle, low impact form of exercise.

Pilates side lift

When you first think about Pilates you think of a room of elderly ladies stretching, but Pilates is so much more than that. Pilates can benefit people of all ages and all disciplines, from elite athletes to complete beginners. Everybody can benefit from what it has to offer and I am here to explain why.

What is Pilates?

Pilates has been developed and practiced since the 1920s and was created by Joseph Pilates. In comparison to Yoga it a relatively new fitness discipline and they are very often thought of in the same "well-being" class category. Although Yoga and Pilates have many things in common such as improving flexibility, the focus on breathing, posture and strength, the methods used are very different. Yoga has much more of a focus on relaxation and meditation whereas the focus of Pilates is more on the Posture, alignment and centering.

Pilates bridge

After many years of poor posture, our body and muscles adapt and compensate by shortening/lengthening changing our posture and creating problems such as back pain. Pilates focuses on activating those deep abdominal and back muscles that support our spine to promote better posture and stability.

It follows the following key principles...
· Breathing
· Concentration
· Centering
· Control
· Precision
· Flow

The benefits of Pilates are numerous, they include;
· Improved Posture
· Improved Balance
· Building core strength
· Rehabilitation after injury or surgery
· Improved joint mobility
· Improved flexibility
· Reduction of stress and tension

Pilates is absolutely for everyone! Even if you just understand and practice the principles of it in day to day life and in your gym workouts it will improve your exercise technique and overall body strength and power.

Check your local class timetable to see when you can try out this class and feel the benefits!

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