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Membership Terms & Conditions

Paying For Your Membership
Prices quoted on our website and elsewhere are in UK Pounds Sterling and are inclusive of VAT at the current standard rate of 20%.
For all types of membership, your initial card payment covers all joining and administration costs. It also issues you with a membership ID number, and includes the registration of your scanned biometric fingerprint record, allowing you easy access to the gym. Memberships (other than one-day and weekend memberships) also include a 30-minute group induction and 30 minutes personal training with an experienced in-house gym instructor/personal trainer of your choice.
There are several membership options and two basic ways to pay:


One Day or Weekend Pass, One Month membership or Annual Peak membership.

These memberships must all be paid for in advance, as part of your online membership application, by debit or credit card only. They are best suited to those people, who wish to use the gym for a fixed period or who do not have a bank account that allows them to pay by direct debit.

Please note: If you decide to leave before the end of these pre-paid memberships, no refund is due and your membership cannot be transferred to another person


No Commitment Monthly Membership

With a No Commitment Monthly gym membership, Welcome Gym collects your gym subscription from your bank account by Direct Debit on a specified day each month.

You pay a slightly higher rate for the flexibility of being able to cancel at any time, just by contacting your bank and cancelling your direct debit. This type of Monthly membership makes paying for your membership both convenient and cost effective. A small interest payment is included in your monthly fee.

Twelve - Month Payment Plan

This type of membership commits you to making a minimum of 12 monthly payments by Direct Debit. Please be aware that by choosing this type of membership, although your monthly payments are slightly less than with a No Commitment Monthly Membership, you have agreed to make all payments due. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your membership and all remaining instalments and any additional charges will become payable immediately

On applying for either a No Commitment Monthly membership or a Twelve-Month Payment Plan you are required to make an initial payment using a debit or credit card. This includes a one-off joining fee, covering our administrative costs in setting up your membership, your biometric fingerprint registration, and an optional group induction and 30-minute session with a Personal Trainer. It also includes your use of the gym for (approximately) your first month.

For both types of Monthly membership, as part of your online application you must register your bank details to set up a Direct Debit mandate, an agreement that gives Welcome Gym permission to collect your monthly gym membership fee from your bank account each month from the second month of your membership onwards.

Please note - Not all bank accounts allow you to pay by Direct Debit (for example, non-UK accounts and some saving accounts). Welcome Gym is not responsible for any refunds if your account fails to support a direct debit mandate. Please check with your bank that your account is of a type that enables you to pay by direct debit before you submit your joining application.

Welcome Gym collects members’ direct debit payments on five dates each month - the 1st, 8th, 16th, 21st or 26th, and when you join the gym your collection date will be set on or near whichever of these dates falls approximately four weeks from your join date. You will be advised of your regular collection date via an automated email. However, Welcome Gym cannot be held responsible if emails are stopped from reaching your Inbox by anti-virus software or Spam filters you may have installed on your PC or mobile device.

Welcome Gym does not guarantee that the collection dates will always fall on exactly the same date each month; if your regular collection date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, we will collect your subscription on the next available banking day.

Welcome Gym is not responsible for any bank charges incurred if collection dates vary - it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the required funds are available in his/her account in advance of the collection date or risk the payment defaulting. If a subscription payment is not met, the membership will be terminated as soon as your bank tells us the payment failed, and the member will be unable to access the club from that date.

Once you have joined, it is not possible to change your regular collection date.

Your direct debit reference number will be the same as the gym membership number to which it relates.

Welcome Gym reserves the right to change its fees at any time and undertakes to advise members of this via email, giving 7 working days’ notice.
Joining Up & Managing Your Membership
In order to offer our members exceptionally good value for money, we operate a highly automated system and employ minimal administrative staff. Members are therefore required to manage their own accounts, and when joining the gym on line they must: -

Choose the right club from the drop-down list on the membership application form. Please note, all our clubs operate independently and some are franchises, so our IT system does not allow members to use more than one of our clubs, unless they are paying for separate memberships at each of them. Furthermore, fees may vary, according to the location of the club. If you accidentally choose the wrong club, you will have to apply for a refund and start the joining process again from scratch.

Fill in all the required details, such as name, address, valid and current email address (which you do not share with any other member), and correct date of birth.

Complete the required Medical Questionnaire. If you have a medical condition, provide your club with a doctor’s note, confirming that you are fit enough to exercise.

Choose the correct type of membership required, whether pre-paid or payable by direct debit.

Pay in advance and in full by credit or debit card via Sage Pay or PayPal for pre-paid memberships (One Day or Weekend pass, Multi pass, One-Month membership, Three Months’ membership, Annual Off Peak membership or Annual Peak membership

In the case of No Commitment Monthly or Twelve-Month Payment Plan memberships, pay the joining fee/first month’s subscription by debit or credit card via Sage Pay or PayPal, and set up a direct debit mandate to fund your monthly subscriptions for the second and subsequent months.

At the end of the initial 12-month period members paying monthly by direct debit will automatically renew their membership to a No Commitment Monthly Membership, unless they cancel their membership at the end of this initial term. To cancel your membership please follow the cancellation process outlined below in the section headed Cancelling Your Membership.

Ensure there is enough money in your bank account to enable us to collect subscription payments on the due date (which may vary slightly because of weekends and Bank Holidays).

If you change your bank, make sure your Direct Debit mandate is transferred to your new bank account well before (at least 7 working days) your next collection date and make sure that you do not close your old account prematurely.

Follow the correct cancellation procedure, as outlined below, if you wish to leave the club.

Communicate with the club via email or in person at reception. We do not have the staff or resources to deal with customers’ queries by telephone. Many questions are answered on our website in the F.A.Q.s section and elsewhere, and most can be answered by an automated email. When alerting us to specific queries and problems via email, members should quote their name, membership ID number (if known), and direct their mail to the specific club to which their query relates, using the drop down menu on the Contact Us tab to locate the right club.
Changing Your Bank Details

If you are changing banks and wish to continue to pay for your membership by direct debit, you need to contact your new bank and instruct them to switch all your direct debits and standing orders to your new account, well in advance of your next collection date. From 16th September 2013, most banks guarantee to do this within seven working days. You can find out about the switching service on line on sites such as

Please note: if we are unable to collect your monthly subscription payment by direct debit because you have not allowed sufficient time for the switch to be made before your due payment date, your membership will expire automatically and you will have to re-join from scratch, paying another joining fee and setting up a new direct debit mandate on your new bank account.
No On-Hold Membership Facility
There is no facility for putting pre-paid fixed term Welcome Gym gym memberships or Monthly memberships on hold if you are away on holiday, working away from home or in the case of illness or injury. You must pay for your membership whether or not you use the gym, and this is reflected in our moderate fees.

In the case of No Commitment Monthly Memberships, if you are going to be away for a period or if you are unable to use the gym because of illness or injury, you should weigh up the cost of continuing to pay your monthly subscriptions by direct debit with the implications of cancelling your membership and re-joining later, when you will have to re-apply for membership and pay a new joining fee.

In the case of Twelve Month Payment Plans, you must make your monthly payments for at least 12 months and cannot put your membership on hold or cancel it until the twelve months are completed.
Cancelling Your Membership
Prepaid memberships – paid for in full in advance
You can leave the gym at any time without giving notice and without any financial penalty, other than that no refunds are given on unused portions of your membership, and your membership cannot be downgraded or transferred to another person.

Monthly No Commitment Memberships – paid for via Direct Debit
To cancel your membership at any time, simply contact your bank and cancel the direct debit mandate that allows us to collect your monthly gym subscriptions. Please be advised that your membership will be terminated as soon as we receive notice from your bank of the direct debit cancellation, and your access to the gym will be prohibited from that day. To get the most out of your last month at the gym, it is advisable to cancel your direct debit about 7 working days before the date when your next subscription is due to be collected. Please do not leave it any later than this, or your bank will not have time to prevent the collection of your next month’s subscription.

Please note that if we are unable to collect your monthly subscription for any reason - for example, if there are insufficient money in your bank account or if you change your bank details without advising us - your gym membership will expire, just as if you had cancelled your direct debit mandate. If this happens and you wish to continue using the gym, you must start from scratch and re-join, paying another joining fee and setting up a new direct debit mandate, making sure that you cancel the original mandate with your bank first.

It is the member’s own responsibility to cancel his or her own membership when they wish to leave the gym. We cannot accept requests to cancel your Monthly membership by email, post or verbal communication; you must follow the procedure outlined above, contact your bank and cancel the direct debit mandate you set up to fund your monthly subscriptions. We do not offer refunds where the member has failed to follow the correct cancellation procedure, resulting in the membership remaining live and further subscription payments being collected.

Twelve-Month Plan Memberships – paid via Direct Debit
These Membership agreements are for a minimum period of 12 months. After paying the joining fee/first month’s subscription by payment card, members who have selected a 12-month payment plan must pay the following 11 direct debit instalments, which are due from the second month of their membership until the twelfth month, before cancelling their direct debit mandate, at least 7 working days before the next payment is due. If the direct debit mandate is not cancelled, the membership will be automatically renewed to a No Commitment Monthly Membership and the monthly direct debit payments will continue.
Fingerprint Registration
Members’ access to our clubs is via Biometric Recognition, which enables our IT system to establish whether the person registering his/her fingerprint on our turnstile entry system is a paid-up member, and therefore qualified to gain admission to the gym. The system removes the need to carry a membership card, thereby counteracting fraud and making entry to the gym quick and easy.

A very low-resolution collagen record of the member’s fingerprint is converted from analogue to digital form and is stored within the turnstile. It is not possible for any third party to access the stored information, and it would be of no use to them if they were able to retrieve it.

This type of biometric recognition system is widely deployed by a large number of commercial enterprises and workplaces, and bears no relation to the fingerprint and DNA recording systems used by the Police and other Government agencies.

Fingerprint registration is an integral part of our membership system, and if potential gym members object to the system we use to allow access to the gym, they are of course, perfectly at liberty not to join one of our clubs.

Any fingerprint data registered is deleted automatically when a member terminates his/her membership with Welcome Gym.

No personal/financial information relating to the club member is stored on the club turnstiles or anywhere on site. Members’ direct debits are administered off site, and all information is dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
General Terms & Conditions
You must include a current and valid email address on your application. All membership queries are dealt with by email. You will also need your email address in order to book and cancel classes via our website. Please advise us if your email address or home address changes, and if your surname changes through marriage. You cannot share an email address with any other member.

Adult Members must be 18 years old or over.

16 to 18 year olds (Junior Members) may join with written consent from their adult parent or guardian.

We reserve the right to refuse your application for membership, or terminate it if you breach our terms and conditions.

Opening hours and access, and the free classes we provide as part of our membership offer, are subject to change.

Specialist classes, such as pole dancing and Pilates, may be subject to an additional charge. These are indicated on the timetable with the words “Pay instructor on arrival”.

Under the Distance Selling Regulations, providing they have not used our facilities, members have the right to apply to cancel their membership within seven working days of their join date (the cooling off period). In this case, the joining fee/initial payment can be refunded to the account from which it was originally paid.

We will not refund bank charges, administration fees or joining fees where a member has used the club facilities.

If you make a payment, using someone else’s bank account or credit/debit card, please ensure that you have their permission to do so.

If you are applying for a refund and your original payment was made using a credit/debit card in someone else’s name, please advise us, or we will not be able to trace your original payment and refund the right account.

We will only refund payments made due to a legitimate mistake - for example multiple membership applications/joining fee payments - within a period of three months of the payment being made.

During your membership, you must pay your membership subscriptions, whether or not you choose to use the gym.

Memberships cannot be transferred to another person.

Memberships cannot be downgraded.

We are not legally obliged to compensate you for any service, facility or item of equipment that is unavailable for reasons of health and safety, or any class that is cancelled for reasons beyond our control.

We will not compensate you for loss, damage or personal injury, where no negligence on our part can be proven.

The club will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles and their contents parked in the Club Car Park or elsewhere on the premises. Vehicles must be parked in the marked areas only and must not block service roads or emergency exits. Vehicles may not be parked or left on the club premises overnight, except with the prior permission of the Management.

By law, we do not have to pay you compensation for loss or damage you may suffer, unless we fail to carry out our duties under these terms and conditions to a reasonable standard, or if we do not adhere to any duties we are required to perform by law.

We will not compensate you if we have failed to carry out our duties due to:

A fault of your own.

A third party not connected with providing our services under these terms and conditions.

Events that we could not have anticipated in advance, even if we had taken all reasonable care.

Members are expected to wear appropriate clothing for working out on the gym floor, especially the correct footwear (trainers or sports shoes).

Items such as jeans and flip-flops or clothing that could catch in the gym equipment are not acceptable items of apparel, as they could pose a health and safety risk. Club Managers have the discretionary power to ask members wearing inappropriate clothing or footwear to leave the gym.

All members must advise us of any change to their health, which would affect their use of the gym.

A member shall not use any facilities while suffering from any infectious or contagious illness or disease or from any physical ailment such as open cuts, abrasions, open sores or minor infections, where there is a risk that such use may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of other members.

No food or drink, whether alcoholic or otherwise, may be brought into the club premises, except water or fruit juice carried in a plastic shatterproof drinks container or bottle.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the club premises.

No illegal betting or gaming, drunkenness, soliciting the sale of goods or services by members, offensive language or aggressive behaviour to staff and other members is permitted on the premises.

SMS messages will be used to notify of class cancellations and club news from time to time. If you wish to opt out of this service, standard mobile charges will apply.
Sauna/Steam Room/Jacuzzi/ Spa/Swimming pool
In the interests of health and hygiene, all users are requested to shower prior to entering the sauna/steam room/Jacuzzi /spa /swimming pool.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use these facilities, with the exception of the swimming pool.

Users must wear suitable swimwear and bring a towel.

No running, jumping or diving in the swimming pool/spa area is allowed.
Annual Club Enhancement Fee
Welcome Gym has a policy of continuing to renew and improve club facilities and services and to offer a wide range of equipment. To support us in doing this, each club charges all members that have a Monthly membership payable by direct debit, an annual club enhancement fee of £7.50.

This one-off annual fee is collected with the normal monthly direct debit payment; the collection is applied for once a year. Members are informed in advance of the month during which this additional fee will be collected via email. The club enhancement fee is included within the Annual and Off Peak annual membership price.
Booking & Cancelling Classes
Welcome Gym aims to make a wide variety of fitness classes available to all members on a fair basis and these can be booked and cancelled online via the Members’ portal. Most classes on the timetable are free – i.e. the cost is included in the membership subscription. Some specialist classes on the timetable are provided by outside agencies and are subject to a small charge.

Members who fail to turn up to classes which they have booked, but failed to cancel, when they are unable to or do not wish to attend, will have their on-line booking privilege withdrawn automatically.

They will receive an email advising them that they cannot book classes on line until they have paid a small fine of £2.50, payable by credit/debit card though the link in this email or through the Members’ area on our website. The fine CANNOT be paid in cash at the club.

Once the fine has been paid, the online booking facility will be automatically reinstated, and the member will receive a short email to confirm this.

Members who have booked classes are requested to turn up 5 minutes before the class starts, to enable the class instructor to take a register and allow members on the waiting list to attend, in the event of people who have booked failing to turn up.

People arriving late for classes may be turned away and prevented from attending the class. This is partly because people on the waiting list may have filled the class. Furthermore, for personal safety reasons, to minimize the risk of injury and to comply with the terms of the instructors' insurance, it is essential that participants take part in the essential warm-up and stretching session, which starts every class.
Abuse of membership

Members are required to conduct themselves appropriately, in keeping with membership of a reputable Health and Fitness Club, and members and their guests must not behave in an anti-social or disruptive manner. This includes inappropriate sexual behaviour and/or abusive language.

Any such conduct, which is commercially detrimental to Welcome Gym or which puts other club members or our staff at risk of harm or affects their interests in any way, will result in the immediate termination of membership. No refunds will be given, and any outstanding fees, repair costs and legal fees will be charged to the offending member.

If we terminate or cancel your membership for any of the reasons listed here, we will not refund any joining fee, starter payment, monthly subscription or prepaid membership fee (in the case of one month, three month or annual memberships) that you have made.

Any Junior Member infringing these terms will be immediately expelled from the premises and their membership cancelled. If it is proven that an infringement took place with the consent and knowledge of the Adult Member, who introduced the Junior Member concerned, then the Adult Member will also be immediately expelled from the club premises and his/her membership will be terminated.
Unauthorised Personal Trainers
Each Welcome Gym club has a team of experienced, qualified and insured in-house freelance fitness instructors, who conduct a range of classes for the benefit of members and who, by mutual consent, are permitted to offer personal training to members at the gym.
It is strictly forbidden for uninsured and unauthorised personal trainers to use Welcome Gym facilities and equipment to conduct their business on the club’s premises.

Any members found to be contravening this rule will be barred from the club and their gym memberships cancelled with immediate effect.
Website General Terms & Conditions

Welcome Gym invites you to visit its website. Access to and use of the site is subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein and all applicable laws. Welcome Gym reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this notice. This is an offer made by Welcome Gym to you, under which you are invited to browse, peruse and interact with our website for your own personal edification, guidance, information and communication with Welcome Gym.

Information and communication with Welcome Gym.

This offer is expressly conditional on your acceptance of these terms and conditions. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between you and Welcome Gym concerning access to the Welcome Gym website and takes precedence over all such existing communications and/or agreements.

You acknowledge that, whilst every effort is made to ensure that all information contained in the Welcome Gym website is accurate and up-to-date, Welcome Gym makes no warranty as to its accuracy, and you accept that any and all use of information contained on the Welcome Gym website is at your own risk.

Welcome Gym shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss arising from your access to and/or use of or inability to access and/or use the Welcome Gym website or any erroneous or omitted information contained on the Welcome Gym website.

You accept that the entire content of the Welcome Gym website is protected by copyright and that Welcome Gym is either the proprietor or licensee of all copyright in the material contained therein.

Welcome Gym reserves all its rights as copyright proprietor of the Welcome Gym website and prohibits without limitation downloading, distribution, exhibition, copying, adaptation, reposting, modification of and dealing in any copyright material contained therein, save as expressly provided herein without the express written authorisation of Welcome Gym.

You are advised that all communications made via the Welcome Gym website and/or email, including but not limited to competition entries, is strictly on a non-confidential basis and you hereby grant to Welcome Gym an exclusive perpetual license to use the content of any such communication for any purposes whatsoever.

You acknowledge that Welcome Gym reserves all its rights as proprietor of all its trademarks and logos.

You are advised that any and all images of people and/or places and/or events exhibited on the website are lawfully used by Welcome Gym and that any misuse of these images by you is prohibited. You are further reminded that any such misuse of images may be a violation of copyright law, trade mark law, rights of privacy, publicity and personality, laws of defamation and/or obscenity, communications regulations and other legal provisions.

Welcome Gym reminds you that they police and enforce their rights vigorously to the maximum extent available under the law.

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