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Tell Your Story...

Tell Your Story...

You've been a member of Welcome Gym for several weeks now, and we hope that you're starting to look forward to your visits to the gym and to working out with a whole new group of friends and acquaintances. We’re sure you don’t regret your decision to take up gym membership and to regularly set some time aside to focus on your personal health and fitness.

Hopefully, you're beginning to see and feel the many physical and mental benefits of regular exercise, including:

• Feeling stronger and more positive about your body.
• Feeling more cheerful because of those happiness hormones that exercise releases, especially when you take part in group fitness classes.
• Sleeping better and feeling more relaxed.
• Seeing a definite improvement in your general health.
• Having more energy and stamina, whether you’re climbing stairs or running after your kids.
• Paying more attention to healthier eating, to support and augment the effort you're putting into exercise.
• Feeling less stressed and anxious.
• More flexibility.
• Less aches and pains.

With so many of us becoming increasingly sedentary, which can lead to serious chronic health issues, we all need to incorporate more activity into our lives. We'd love you to spread the word about how gym membership is helping you improve your fitness and wellbeing by leaving a review on Facebook, especially if a member of our lovely staff has been particularly helpful or inspirational in pointing you in the right direction on your fitness journey.

Feedback from our members is very important to us, and people often cite positive reviews of our gyms and comments about their welcoming and friendly atmosphere as being instrumental in giving them the final push they need to take the plunge and try gym membership for themselves. So please get in touch and encourage others to embark on their own fitness oddesy at

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