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Sprint Start Returns!

Sprint Start Returns!

This spring we're re-launching a special six-week membership package, which will harness the mood of optimism, motivation and determination that most people feel with the promise of warmer weather and longer days. Called “Sprint Start”, this special short-term gym membership puts you in the best possible position to make a determined effort to achieve your goals and become fitter and healthier in one concentrated burst.

Your local gym will have one or more Sprint Start packages available for a real bargain price, so that you can benefit from: -

Six weeks usage of the gym and all available facilities and equipment during the club’s normal opening hours.
• The chance to take part in unlimited free classes and workshops to add variety to your workouts and to educate and inspire you.

You Can Also Upgrade!

Several of our Welcome Gyms are offfering fantastic opportunities to upgrade your membership by bolting on personal training sessions at extremely attractive prices. For example, if you wanted to, you could opt for your package to include six personal training sessions to support you with advice and encouragement and get you really “sprinting” towards your goals. Packages are available that include both group and one-to-one personal training.

Sprint Start might be an ideal opportunity to show dedication, discipline and commitment over a defined period of six weeks, making those longed-for fitness objectives into a reality.

The Sprint Start membership is suitable for absolute beginners, as well as experienced gym-goers, as the package will be tailored to your individual needs and targets.

Sprint Start memberships start at just £40. There are limited numbers of these memberships on offer, so don't miss out.

Click Here to Join Now!
This is a really special membership opportunity with additional rewards, offers and vouchers sent out to Sprint Start members to help them along their journey towards improved health and fitness.

If you feel you need an intense, short period to really focus on your fitness, a Sprint Start gym membership could be just what you need to give you a kick start and get you up and running on the long-term marathon of a healthy lifestyle.

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