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New Fitness Fads - What Our Managers Say!

New Fitness Fads - What Our Managers Say!

Fitness Fads come and go, but some of the new trends do stick around and can be a really great motivator or a fun activity to introduce into your lifestyle. So we thought we would ask a couple of our club managers what they think about 2018's hottest new fitness trends!

Online Workouts

Simon, our Assistant Manager at Maidstone, says, "I think that the use of online workouts is having a really positive effect on the current fitness industry. On a daily basis I see members using their phones to follow fitness model workouts from sources such as Instagram and YouTube.

It allows people to take control of adapting their own workouts, so that they don’t get bored. Sometimes the thought of seeing a trainer may be too daunting, so variety at your fingertips is very useful. As a trainer, I have also had my own clients follow 10 min ab routines from YouTube at home to keep them exercising more regularly.

The only negative is if you are trying something that may be too advanced for your current level or if you don’t follow the technical aspect of the exercise, potentially leading to injury, but if you ask a trainer at the gym, we can always assist with that."

Kirsty, our Business Manager in Southend, sounds a note of caution. "The benefit of online workouts is that you can access the content at any time of day and work out wherever you are. They can also be free, saving people money. But, my question is - can you motivate yourself and is your form correct? Exercises can be done incorrectly or even unsafely at home, which is why I would opt for being a gym member every time, where there is always a qualified instructor to assist you.”

Wearable tech

Simon is a fan of wearable tech for one very good reason. "Anything that can make people take an active interest in their exercise routine can only be positive. So if wearing a Fitbit, for example, makes you more aware of the amount of steps you take or how high your heart rate goes when you're walking up the stairs, which then encourages you to do more exercise, it can only be a good thing. I think people can be obsessive with them, but overall I am very much a fan of wearable tech!"


Assistant Manager, Simon, isn't convinced the trend for trampolining is going to last! "Trampolining classes and parks have become big business in recent years, but my opinion is that it's only a phase. I think the risk massively outweighs the rewards from a fitness point of view, and I know two people myself, who have recently broken ankles at trampoline parks, so they now can't exercise for months, impacting adversely on their progress. Classes are a safer way to use trampolines in a fitness sense, like Boogie Bounce classes, but considering the cost of the equipment and how long people will remain interested in it, it’s not for me."

Kirsty, our Southend Manager is much more of a fan! "Trampolining is a great low-impact anti-gravity cardio workout. It improves your balance, increases your heart rate, tones the body and best of all is fun! When I tried a trampolining class, I couldn’t stop smiling. It made me feel like a child once more. One word of warning - make sure you empty your bladder before jumping!”

Yoga Wheel

Kirsty isn't convinced about the trend for using a Yoga Wheel, that many people can buy online to use at home or in a class. "I would say this is mainly for serious yoga followers. It can help deepen your backbends, assist in increasing flexibility and massage the spine. However, beginners buying a yoga wheel does concern me, because if they're performing the moves incorrectly at home, it can cause discomfort and pain. Yoga has been practised for thousands of years with no equipment or gimmicks, and I do not see the need to incorporate this now.”

So, if you are looking at new ways to motivate and inspire you to have fun and reach your fitness goals, you may like to try one of these new fitness trends. It's always a good idea to keep your exercise routine fresh, so that you don't become bored and lose motivation!

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