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Popular Myth 3 : Fitness Classes Are Not Just "Girls Allowed"

Popular Myth 3 : Fitness Classes Are Not Just "Girls Allowed"

There are various popular misconceptions about fitness classes, the first being that they are designed “just for women”. Maybe it’s because of distant memories of films such as “Perfect”, where John Travolta was the only man in a class full of women; maybe there were more female class teachers? Whatever the reason, it’s a sad fact that women generally used to out number men when it comes to taking part in classes.

But things are changing. Many gym floor classes now aim to specifically target men, as research shows that people who work out together, regardless of their gender, enjoy an improved quality of life and reduced stress, and that group fitness can be even more positive and effective in achieving results than working out alone.

So, if you're a man, perhaps Zumba may not appeal to you - although this fitness craze was actually founded by a man - but how about spinning, HIIT, boxing or martial arts based classes? These are all disciplines that require strength and stamina and are certainly not just aimed at the girls.

Come to that, how about Pilates (also created by a man) or yoga? Many footballers and other professional athletes swear by these techniques, which emphasise stretching and breathing, as a means of achieving greater flexibility, healing or preventing injury and improving stamina, suppleness and mental focus. They can also increase the longevity of a professional athlete’s career, Ryan Giggs being a prime example of this.

So guys, throw off your inhibitions, maybe get a mate to join you and try a class or two, as a change from your usual workout routine. You may be surprised how much you enjoy yourself!

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