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"Class of 2018" Promotion - A Celebration of Fitness Classes.

"Class of 2018" Promotion - A Celebration of Fitness Classes.

To promote the huge benefits that result from working out in a group, we’re throwing down the gauntlet to challenge all Welcome Gym members, plus their friends and families, to try some of our fantastic range of fitness classes in our “Class of 2018” campaign, which runs from 22nd to 28th October.

As well as encouraging existing members to participate in classes, during this period anyone can try out the gym free of charge and take part in some of our fitness classes, subject to availability. Applicants should either: -

• Apply for a One-Day gym pass during the Class of 2018 week, using the code TRYUS to give them free entry to the gym that day and the chance to join in their chosen club’s activities and the special taster sessions and classes they are putting on.
• Or apply for a Five-Day gym pass, using the code TRYUS, which gives them free entry to the gym during the entire promotional period and the chance to enjoy several of the taster sessions, freebies, classes, competitions, challenges and other fun activities being organised by their local club.

The Class of 2018 campaign will culminate in a special discount on our range of popular gym memberships, across all the Welcome Gym clubs; this offer will be available during the last three days, from 26th to 28th October.

Individual Welcome Gym clubs are planning their own special activities and treats to celebrate the Class of 2018 campaign, which include: -


Free Fruit will be available at selected classes across the week.

The club is setting up a "What Classes Mean To You" board, where people can leave their comments about what they enjoy about particular classes.

Thursday 25th at 6pm - Spin & Core class with two teachers!
Plus, at 7pm - A special mobility workshop with Rob Manning of FullyFit Therapy.

Already on the timetable, the following classes will be available for people to come and try, subject to spaces being available:-

Monday 22nd at 7am - Bootcamp.
Plus, at 12.30pm - Intensity.

Tuesday 23rd at 6pm - Box Fit.

Wednesday 24th at 12.30pm - Bootcamp.

Saturday 27th at 10am - HIIT

Also - look out for one of our fantastic Personal Trainers, Lucas, who is out and about visiting local businesses across the week.

High Wycombe

20 minute Blast classes will be held at lunch times throughout the week .

A Battle Rope Challenge is being organised - whoever can keep going for the longest and have their efforts filmed, will win a prize.


All our usual classes will be open to members and guests alike (subject to availability).

Extra fitness workshops will be added to the timetable across the week.

A free bottle of Fit Water/Lucozade will be available for attendees at 7am and lunch time classes.

A Blazepod Speed Reaction challenge will be running - please see personal trainer, Johnny Stratford for time slots.


The club is arranging several taster classes and other activities for members and guests to take part in (subject to spaces being available), including:-

Monday 22nd at 1.00pm - Fast Fitness with personal trainer, Simon Ottaway (gym based) - 6 spaces.

Wednesday 24th at 5.00pm - Nutrition Workshop with Simon.

Thursday 25th at 4.45pm - Supercircuits with James (studio based) 15 spaces.

Friday 26th at 5pm Abs and Friends! The ultimate abdominals workout (gym based) 6 spaces.

Sunday 28th at 12.00 noon The Sunday Brunch a pre- Sunday lunch high intensity workout (studio based) 15 spaces.

Free Fruit and Water will be available for participants at the club's chosen "Class of the Day".

There will be an Open Class each day, where the door will be open and people can pop their heads in and take a good look at the classes such as Zumba and HIIT.


A special timetable of taster sessions and classes is being organised as follows:-

Monday 22nd at 1.00pm to 1.30pm - Suspension Training taster session with Jacob.
Plus, at 6.00pm - 6.30pm Legs, Bums & Tums with personal trainer, Jemma Mayne.

Tuesday 23rd at 12.00-12.30pm- Spin taster session with Iain.
Plus, at 7.00pm -7.30pm - Martial Arts fitness with Adam.

Wednesday 24th at 9.00am – 9.30am - Spin taster with Daniel.
Plus, at 5.00pm – 5.30pm - Ladies Only area Weights with new personal trainer, Betty Zee.

Thursday 25th at 10.00am -10.30am – Spin with Iain.
Plus, at 5.45pm -6.15pm - HIIT with Jacob.

Friday 26th at 2.00pm – 2.30 - Core with Elliot
Plus, at 6.00pm - 6.30pm Martial Arts Fitness with personal trainer, Adam Robertson.

Saturday 27th at 12.00-12.30pm - Box Fit with personal trainer, Matt Hazell.

Sunday 28th at 1.30pm - 2.00pm - HIIT with David.

We anticipate a real buzz at our clubs with all the contests, workshops, freebies and fun on offer to both members and their guests, so we hope that lots of you will accept our invitation to join in with our Class of 2018 Campaign and endorse the joys of group fitness!

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