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Free Friends on Fridays returns!

Free Friends on Fridays returns!

It’s the end of the working week; your weekend starts here, and now Welcome Gym is giving you yet another reason to feel Fridaylicious with the return of Free Friends on Friday.

On 16th November 2018, we’re re-launching our “Free Friends on Friday” promotion, which means you can bring a friend along to work out alongside you absolutely free of charge! All they have to do is apply on line for a day pass, using the code FFOF, and they’ll be able to use all the gym's facilities free. If spaces are available, your friend can even join you in one of our fabulous fitness classes.

The offer will run for four weeks and will be available on Friday 16th, 23rd and 30th November and 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th December.

Working out with someone you know has several things going for it: -

• You’ll enjoy showing them the equipment and facilities in “your gym”, boosting your own confidence and feeling of belonging.

• You won’t feel so self-conscious as you might when exercising on your own.

• The endorphin buzz created when you exercise with a friend, especially in a fitness class, is infectious.

• Your motivation will increase and you’ll spur one another on by being supportive - or competitive!

• You’ll have fun and enjoy a laugh together.

• You’ll both start the weekend feeling virtuous and energised.

• You and your friend/partner or family member can reward yourselves after your exertions with a well-deserved drink.

So, throw away the cares of the week and enjoy our Free Friends on Fridays offer, whether you choose to bring along your best mate, a work colleague, a neighbour, your partner or your mum. You’ve got five chances to do so, so you could invite each of them in turn. You never know, maybe at least one will decide to become your permanent gym buddy!

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