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Give The Gift Of Health This Christmas At A Bargain Price!

Give The Gift Of Health This Christmas At A Bargain Price!

If you’re racking your brains to think of an original gift for your loved ones this year, why not give them the gift of health and fitness with an Annual gym membership at Welcome Gym?

This year we suggest you give your nearest and dearest just one really useful and thoughtful gift in the shape of an Annual gym membership - a gift that will last all year, rather than being forgotten in a day. To make things just a little easier for you, for a limited period, from 26th November until 24th December 2018, we’re offering a 20% discount on Annual memberships at all our gyms.

Just think of the benefits: -

• A pre-paid Annual gym membership, especially with our special discount, is our cheapest option and represents exceptional value. Prices vary according to geographical location and whether the club has a pool, but we’re talking about just pennies per day – far less than the cost of a regular cappuccino!

• There are no extra costs or monthly fees to worry about. Once you have bought an Annual gym membership, your loved one can use the gym for a whole year, as often as they like.

• Membership includes a whole range of free classes, giving members the chance to have fun, burn calories and get stronger and healthier, while trying out something new.

• Having a paid-up gym membership freely available on standby will increase the recipient’s commitment and encourage them maybe to lose weight or get a bit fitter, rather than putting it off as something they’ll get round to “one of these days”.

• Gym membership offers the chance to socialise, meet interesting people of all ages and from all walks of life and make new friends.

• Giving someone the gift of improved health and fitness, with all the physical and psychological benefits that this brings, is the most wonderful gift you could give.

It’s also the best gift you could ask for or give to yourself too. And if you commit to going to the gym for a whole year alongside your partner, friend or relative, next Christmas could see you both healthier, fitter and happier all round. What other present could top that! Click here to join on this exclusive offer now.

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