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5 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Workout

5 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Workout

Every now and then, a regular workout routine can turn into a mundane and boring practice, so it’s important to switch things up to not only keep you on your toes, but to also bring the zest back that’ll keep you engaged, focused and set back on track towards your goals!

Here’s 5 ways to get that magic back and refresh your sessions!

1. Workout what works…

If your sessions are becoming stagnated, it’s most likely because your either misguided, or you’ve already achieved some of your aspirations that your starting to get bored as the results you achieve gradually slow down. If this relates to you, then it’s never too late to press the reset button on your workout routines and review not only why you began your journey, but what has worked for you. Things like what has benefited you (you feel healthier perhaps?), disliked doing (maybe burpees?) but also what you’ve achieved so far and how you managed to achieve it. From here, you can get the branches in place to update and build a new workout routine based on not only what you’ve enjoyed, but also what has WORKED for you!

2. Become a beast in the kitchen!

Through my experience in the industry, I’ve seen so many customers fall short of their fitness-related goals and desires through lack of knowledge or confidence in the kitchen. With the resources we have now, such as countless 15-minute meal books, to the millions of recipes on the internet, it’s not a very good excuse anymore to ‘not being able to cook’ or relying on fast-food or even ‘healthier’ pre-made food options. I believe home cooking isn’t only good for your soul, but it’s also great at keeping things fresh and exciting to improve the relationship you have with food. Remember, food does not need to be boring or tasteless to hold the nutrients you need from it, and the sheer amounts of cuisines and ingredients is almost endless, so get yourself a cookbook and get that apron on!

3. Freshen things up…

Just like food doesn’t need to be tasteless to be healthy, workouts do not need to be boring to deliver what you want from them. Staying on track with your fitness aspirations can be extremely difficult if you loathe doing it, so it’s imperative that even if you find something you love doing, whilst also finding alternatives or progressions to keep things interesting and engaging in the long-term. Try not to forget to alternate between workout styles, class types and even potentially Personal Training to stay on-course!

4. Rejuvenate your journey with Personal Training

Now, before you read this title and skip through thinking PT is an expensive and a non-essential service most gyms provide, please read on. Any Personal Trainer who is worth their salt should be able to assess the aspirations of the client and put them on the path to success through building their knowledge and application of certain training types. Remember, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to achieve a goal with professional help, so not only will you be on the route to greatness quicker, but also enjoying the journey along the way by confiding in somebody who has the knowledge to take your training to new heights! Remember, you do not always need a long-term trainer - but a little investment from yourself truly can go a long way!

5. Bring a buddy!

If you’re looking far and wide to find that motivation you need go to the gym and smash a workout, then this point is definitely one for you! Having the support and motivation from somebody you can confide in, find inspiration from and exchange plans/ideas for your workouts is one sure-fire to keep you focused and set on achieving a goal as a team. It’s also a great way to build consistency and competition within your workout routines to build not only a better relationship with one another, but to also encourage and monitor each other’s progressions and shortfalls.

So if you are struggling with motivation and need a kickstart to your fitness why not try some of these top tips, to help you remain motivated and enjoying your health and fitness routine!

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