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Lucas Owen - Cheltenham PT

Lucas Owen - Cheltenham PT

Hi my name is Lucas and I'm here to help Chris reach his fitness goals and push him beyond them! Working together, we’ll complete training sessions that are both challenging and fun, to help him achieve his targets.

I have personal experience in weight and cardiovascular training; so whether clients are looking to gain muscle mass, lose body fat or do both, I can assist in achieving this. With the nutritional advice I can also impart, I am sure Chris will reach new heights in his health and fitness!

Personally, I have had to make changes myself towards a healthier lifestyle, losing close to 9 stone of body fat and going from a size XXXL in t-shirts to a medium. I know more than most people about the difficulties in trying to reduce your body fat and gain muscle mass and that sometimes you feel nothing is working.

I have already gone through this process and have experienced the pitfalls, so that my clients don’t have to.

I can't wait to start working with Chris and seeing him achieve the results he is looking for.

Keep an eye out here for updates on our journey and progress!

If you are interested in PT sessions for yourself, then you can contact me on: 07772 857306

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