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Grace Birch - Chesham PT

Grace Birch - Chesham PT

Hi, my name is Grace. I'm currently studying for a PhD in immunology - looking at the role of natural killer cells in Multiple Sclerosis. Therefore, I am really interested in the interplay between the immune system and central nervous system and the impact that exercise can have on these.

I used to be a cross country runner, competing both for my home county and at University, where I was the cross country Captain. As a result of this, I have a good understanding of training and how to improve times for both middle and long distances, having competed on the road as well.

I have been lifting weights seriously for about 3 years now and really love it. I love feeling strong and powerful and this is something I really enjoy sharing with my clients, particularly empowering other women.

I am passionate about fitness and exercise and aim to share my love with others and help them to come round to enjoying it as much as I do with fun-filled sessions. I also enjoy a challenge and appreciate working with people that have injuries or ailments, doing my research to see how I can best help them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

I am really excited to get started working with Kellie on this transformation programme and to see how I can help her achieve her goals.

Contact Grace directly to find out more about Personal Training with her - 07931413957

Keep an eye out here for updates and to see Kellie's progress!

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