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Adam Robertson - Chesham PT

Adam Robertson - Chesham PT

Hi, I'm Adam and I specialise in high intensity training, both cardio and weight based. I also have in depth knowledge when it comes to nutrition and weight management to help my clients reach their ideal body type.

My martial arts experience also allows me to have a good understanding of sport specific training.

I have over 6 years of training experience in the Industry and 14 years in martial arts training. I am passionate about exercise and fitness, and keen to pass this on to my clients. I am thrilled to be working with Jacquie on this transformation programme and can't wait to get started!

Many of my former clients have been left with a love of training, after they have achieved their results. I can adapt my style of training from a no nonsense pusher to an enthusiastic encourager, depending on each individual client's needs. We will just have to see what works with Jacquie!

Keep an eye out here for updates on Jacquie's progress and snapshots of our journey. You can also contact me to find out more about Personal Training on: 07510639876

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