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Rachel Clark - Maidstone PT

Rachel Clark - Maidstone PT

My name is Rachel and I am a Level 3 Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at Welcome Gym Maidstone.

I am a strong believer that health and fitness is about making you feel positive, both physically and mentally. Often finding motivation to exercise can be hard, and it can be boring working out on your own when you lack ideas. Personal training can give your fitness regime a boost.

Everyone has the ability to improve their fitness, no matter what their current ability is. Having a personal trainer to help guide you along the way, not only makes exercise more exciting and interesting, but also provides support and motivation for when you really need it the most.

I am thrilled to be working with Emma on this transformation programme and can't wait to get started! Personal training can help Emma to change her approach to fitness, push her beyond her limits and teach her how to fuel her body and how to to monitor her progress to gain the goals she wishes to achieve - Exciting stuff!

I enjoy getting to know all of my clients individually and find it rewarding helping them reach their goals. Whether you are new to fitness or have been training for years, having a personal trainer might change your fitness approach for the better!

Keep an eye out here for updates on Emma's progress across the coming month and you can find out more about Personal Training sessions with me by contacting me on: 07950 712586

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