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Enjoy a Pool Based Workout!

Enjoy a Pool Based Workout!

We know some of you are looking for a challenging, new, all over body workout, but have you ever thought of using a swimming pool to complete it? Our assistant manager at our gym and swim club in Maidstone, Simon Ottaway, is ready to show you how to get the best out of a low impact pool based workout!

Complete the following exercises as a circuit. Depending on your ability, start with 30 seconds per exercise or 12 repetitions. Progressing to 45 seconds per exercise or 20 reps as you advance, and to push yourself go for 1 min per exercise or 30 repetitions.

Repeat the circuit 3 times over with a 1 min rest at the end of the circuit, so with the hardest repetitions should take 30 mins maximum to complete the full workout.

Chest press - Use Dumbbell floats if available or woggles for resistance, works chest and core.

Press up dips – use the side of the pool to push yourself up and down to work triceps and chest, use a corner of the pool to make it slightly easier.

Sprint laps – Sprint as fast as you can swimming from one side of the pool to the other, working your cardiovascular fitness and all-round toning

Front Raises – Use dumbbell floats, woggles or normal floats, works shoulders, back and core.

Rear Deltoids - Use dumbbell floats, woggles or normal floats, works upper back and shoulders.

Walking Lunges – walk up and down the pool bending your back knee towards the bottom of the pool, add floats to make it harder in necessary.

Under Water Lung Capacity – Hold your breath whist swimming under water to help improve long capacity and lung efficiency.

Walking Lengths – Walk as normally as possible up and down the pool using the resistance of the water to work your core and leg muscles, add floats to increase resistance.

Flutter Kicks – Use the corner of the pool to lay back on your elbows raising your legs to the surface of the water and kick at a steady rate keeping yourself elevated and legs straight, works core, back and leg strength.

Watch our video below for a demonstation

Simon thinks this workout is suitable for all - and is a great way to build in a low impact, all over body workout into your routine.

Go on give it a try!!

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