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Revitalise Personal Training Offers

Revitalise Personal Training Offers

Hopefully you have been keeping track of our PT revitalise competition winners, who received 3 free personal training sessions per week across 4 weeks, to help start them on the road to achieving their health and fitness goals. They've made such amazing progress. If you have been inspired, and think Personal Trianing could help you too, then we have some good news in store.

Our fabulous PT Revitalise trainers have confirmed some great Personal Training offers for new clients across April 2019, to help you get in shape for summer, and to change the way you look and feel.

Check out their fantastic offers below and feel free to contact our PTs directly to find out more!

Joel at Cheltenham: Is offering 25% off his usual fees if booked directly with him or 50% off if booked through his website

Rachel at Maidstone: Is offering a free 30 min taster for any new clients, followed by a spring offer with a block of 5 PT sessions costing only £100.

James at Maidstone: Is offering a new client their first session half price for only £15, a 30 minute session for only £10 and a block of 10 sessions for only £250

Lucas at Cheltenham: Is offering an introductory 8 weeks programme with 2 x 45 minute sessions per week(16 sessions) at a cost £35 per week or an upfront discount to pay only £245.

Johnny at Southend: Is offering a new client their first 1 hour personal training session at half price - only £20

Lauryn at High Wycombe: is offering 5 PT sessions for only £150 with an additional session free of charge or a package of 10 sessions for only £300 with an additional 3 free sessions.

Grace at Chesham: Is offering 4 sessions (with a 4 week programme) for £120, or 8 sessions for only £200 and 12 sessions for only £300 - all with full programmes if desired, for up to 3 days training outside of your weekly PT session.

To find out more about these offers please click here and go to our Personal Trainers profiles on our website to contact them directly.

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