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Indoors Or Out - Boost Your Summer Fitness At Our Welcome Gym June Open Weekend

Indoors Or Out - Boost Your Summer Fitness At Our Welcome Gym June Open Weekend

From Friday 28th to Sunday 30th June, Welcome Gym clubs are holding an Open Weekend to encourage our members’ friends, work colleagues and families to come along to the gym and see how those well-intentioned New Year Resolutions to lose weight or get fit (which may not have actually started yet) could become a reality.

Anyone who’s curious about gym membership is welcome to come and try out our facilities and join in the various activities that our clubs are organising over those three days, free of charge. If they like what they see, then we’re also offering three months membership for the price of two over the Open Weekend, so it’s a great time to commit to get fit this Summer at a bargain price!

Just to widen the experience and double the fun, we’ll be offering some outdoor activities as well (weather permitting!) to demonstrate that getting fit in the gym complements things you might like to do outside – walking, running, cycling, or just a game of rounders in the park with your children. Of course, if you’re leaner and fitter, these summer pastimes will be more enjoyable, and you’ll be less breathless too!

These are some of the things that individual clubs are planning to do over the Open Weekend. If your club’s not listed or you need further details, pop in and ask at Reception to check what activities are happening and when. Not all our clubs have outdoor areas they can utilise, but the special offers on our three month gym memberships will be available anyway and non-members can still try the facilities free of charge.


The club will be offering some one-off classes and workshops over the open weekend, including: -

  • Mobility Workshops on all 3 days – they will be added to the timetable with space for open day visitors, subject to numbers.
  • Friday and Saturday -Metcon class - an intense circuit class utilising our range of functional kit. This will also be competitive with timed participation to add an element of fun. This will be added to the timetable and spaces may be available for open day visitors.
  • Members and visitors are invited to compete with an available staff member in a Body Weight Challenge – pull-ups, squat holds, plank holds, burpees etc. to be completed in a minute.


Saturday 29th 11am - Running Club with Rachel
Sunday 30th 9.30am - Outdoor Bootcamp with James


Friday 28th June 9.30am Outdoor Boot Camp
Saturday or Sunday (Time tbc) Outdoor Boot Camp
These will be will be added to the timetable for members to book.


Free entry for the following classes (subject to numbers/availability): -

Fri. 28th
Core Blast 9.15am
Boot Camp 12.00pm

Sat. 29th
Circuits 8.15am
HIIT 12.30pm
X-Cube 1.00pm

Sun. 30th
HIIT 8.15am
X-Cube 9.15am
Circuits 12.30pm
Core on the floor 1.00pm

Free Weigh Loss Seminar 11am-2pm (Run by Jake and Charlie)

Gym Olympics 2pm-3pm (Run by Manager Shane & some of the PTs) - To be held on the cricket field (still to be confirmed). This is a fun event for members, visitors and staff to join relay races, tug of war etc.

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