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Christina's Top Running Tips

Christina's Top Running Tips

Cristina from Southend gives you her top running tips below!

1. If you are a complete beginner and you want to start running, download the Couch To 5k app. It is a great way of tracking progress, as well as gradually increasing your stamina and fitness level to reach your goal of a 5k run.

2. Trainers! Purchase a good supportive pair of trainers that will enhance your running. Talk to experts at your local running shop; they will assess how you run and recommend the best trainer for you.

3. Search for a running club near you. This is a great tool to stay motivated and to meet like - minded people with expert coaches taking you on different routes and distances right on your doorstep. And did I mention it is free!

4. Set yourself a goal or enter into a race, so you have something to work towards and just think of that feeling when you cross the finish line.

5. Follow a realistic plan and stay consistent. It has to work for you. Make time for your runs and work out what time of day is good for you to run, to get the best out of it.

6. Mix up your runs. Do some sprints, hill training, fartlek training and stair climbs. These methods of training with make you a stronger, faster runner.

7. Full body strength training. Don't just stick to running as part of your exercise plan. Add some weight training and resistance training to your weekly plan and you will definitely feel the difference in your runs.

8. Lastly and most importantly, enjoy it! Whatever kind of run you do, run with a smile. Drag a friend along, instead of catching up over a meal or a drink or go for a jog in the great outdoors. You will instantly feel better for it.

Every Saturday morning at 9am across the world there is a 5k Parkrun. Exactly what it says on the tin, it is a run/jog/walk around a park. This is also free, thanks to all the amazing volunteers that make it happen, anyone can be a volunteer and anyone can take part in the run. There's a good community feel, full of encouragement and motivation. Give it a go. Register online at:

So get your running shoes on, get a rush of endorphins and enjoy this outdoor sport completely free at any time of day.

Enjoy the process and love the progress.

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