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Could We Persuade You To Be More Class-Conscious? This month we'd like you to support our week-long celebration of fitness classes and their important place in bringing more fun and finesse into fitness.

One of the great things about being a member of a Welcome Gym club is the large number of group fitness classes we offer, which are included in your membership package. They’re easy to book on line and to cancel if you find you can’t attend, so there’s really no reason not to take advantage of them, especially when our new mobile App becomes available to download, enabling you to view the timetable and make bookings while you’re on the move.

Classes are companionable, motivational and inspirational - in fact, they're just sensational, as well as being suitable for both men and women! That’s why we’re holding a special Classes Week from 16th to 22nd March 2020* to promote the benefits of group exercise. Here are just seven reasons to love classes: -

1. Exercising with others can be an enjoyable, sociable activity, rather than an individual battle. You'll push yourself harder too.

2. The group dynamic of a class is a huge motivator in helping you to persevere on your fitness journey when the going gets tough. A slightly competitive spirit will encourage you not to give up.

3. The huge range of classes we offer - including the exciting new Les Mills classes that are launching at selected gyms– is so diverse, that you’re sure to find something that appeals, whether it’s a peaceful yoga session or a high-energy, strenuous HIIT class. Classes mix up your workouts and beat boredom.

4. Classes are friendly, inclusive and designed for all abilities. You can bring a friend for moral support and you’ll enjoy the camaraderie of working in a group. You may well forge new friendships too!

5. Classes are instructor-led, so they’re great if your workouts lack direction and you’re looking for a routine that works you hard, teaches you how to exercise correctly and gets results. You'll be told what to do, so there's no deliberation, and you'll receive only encouragement from your instructor and other class participants.

6. Classes give you a chance to try something new or to familiarise you with the fantastic equipment installed in your gym and to learn how to use it safely and effectively.

7. Classes are time-limited, so you can schedule them into your busy lifestyle and get maximum gain from a short, sharp burst of activity. Lots of classes take place either early in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening too, making it convenient to fit them into your day.

So What’s Occurring?

During Classes Week we’ll be:
  • Running competitions in club and on social media.
  • Offering taster classes, workshops and master classes to try – including Les Mills classes at those clubs where instructors specifically trained to deliver these are available.
  • Making free one-day passes available to non-members, so you can bring a friend and try a class together.
  • Running a "no joining fee" promotion.
Scroll down to see what your own club is offering during Classes Week: -

During Classes Week the club will be running the following exclusive classes: -

Monday 16th March
Class highlights – Les Mills GRIT Strength at 6pm with PT Luke Owen.
Les Mills GRIT Cardio at 6.30pm with PT Luke Owen
Please don't book these sessions back-to-back, as you won't be able to push hard enough to enjoy the full benefits. However, if you enjoy them, these classes have been added to the timetable and take place regularly every Monday.

Tuesday 17th March 3pm and 5pm
& Thursday 19th March 12.30pm
Brand new Air Runner HIIT taster classes with P.T. Jordan Wilson - showing you how to utilise the best runner on the market, how to increase your speed and distances and how to burn fat quickly.
& Wednesday 18th March 5.30pm Air Runner HIIT taster class with P.T. Joel Whippman
These taster classes are intended to launch regular air runner classes, which will shortly be added to the timetable and which will take place on Thursdays at 12.30 with Jordan and on Wednesdays with Joel.

Wednesday 18th 2pm Lifting and Strength Training for one hour with P.T.s Hannah Howell and Jordan Wilson - A look at technique with compound movements, showing the benefits and dispelling the myths.

Thursday 19th March 6pm Boxing with Joe Walker.
And Sunday 2pm Boxing with Joe Walker.
These are taster sessions, showing you what boxing has to offer - get that heart rate up and burn fat whilst having fun.

The club will be showcasing some new classes that have been added to the timetable: -

Barre Balance Conditioning with P.T. Issy Russell
Stretch and Rest or Bootcamp with P.T. Jacquie Harakis
Men Only class – Strength and Conditioning with P.T.s Owen Roberts and Jacob Barrett

There will also be class challenges with a chance to win a prize.

As part of the Classes Week the club will be launching the new Boxercise class with Brendon on Thursday the 19th at 7:30pm - this will be on the timetable permanently also we will add a one off Boxercise class on Sunday 22nd at 11am.

In addition, why not try: -
Tuesday 17th 6pm Deadlift workshop
Thursday 19th 6pm Deadlift workshop

The club will also be handing out Free Class Passes for the upcoming Les Mills Grit class and for the existing Bodypump and Bodyattack classes, to encourage people to try these exciting, high-energy sessions, which are new to our timetable.

The gym has just launched a really great timetable with a huge range of classes to suit all ages and abilities and Manager, Kirsty Michael, is encouraging members to try something new during Classes Week – especially the exciting new Les Mills Classes. As there’s a special offer on during that week for non-members to get a free One Day pass using the code FREEDAY, Kirsty is suggesting that members bring along a friend to try a class with them, subject to availability.

There will also be a few extra indoor cycling workshops for those who haven't tried spinning before -

Tuesday 17th March 10.30am
Thursday 19th March 5.30pm
Sunday 22nd March 11.30am

As well as the comprehensive choice of classes on its great timetable, the club is featuring some one-off classes for members and guests to try:-

Monday 16th March
11:00am – Boxing taster class with Miira
7:00pm – Try the Kettle Bell class

Tuesday 17th March
5pm – Try the Intensity class

Wednesday 18th March
11:15am – 60+ functional fitness class

Thursday 19th March
10:45am – Men Only Boxing With Miira
10:45am – Rock It Like It’s Hot dance class

Friday 20th March
6pm – Try our Gym Floor Circuits
6:30pm – Try our Gym Floor HIIT

All the above classes will be available for members to bring a friend along on a free one day pass, using the code FREEDAY, subject to the class not being oversubscribed.

In addition to all the above, many Welcome Gym clubs will be featuring on our social media platforms photos, videos, demonstrations and talks (as well as feedback from class participants) to create a buzz around the joys of group fitness classes, so keep an eye out for these.

*Excludes Welcome Gym Maidstone

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