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Nutrition Spring Clean 14-Day Programme With Michele Scarr

Nutrition Spring Clean 14-Day Programme With Michele Scarr

Live a healthier lifestyle with the right fuel to complement your fitness routine.

Qualified nutritionist Michele Scarr (DIP Nut CNHC mBANT) is offering all our members exclusive access to her 'Get Lean, Spring Clean' 14-Day interactive nutritional programme.

Start date: Monday 28th March
Duration: 14 days
Price: Discounted rate of only £79

This programme is designed to help you feel lighter and brighter, ready for the sunshine! Discover all the details and booking information below -
nutrition spring clean thai turkey burgers
What To Expect
The 'Get Lean Spring Clean' is an interactive programme with health coaching and mindset work to help clean up the diet, removing the most common health irritators for 14 days leaving you energised and focused. You will very likely feel less bloated, more clear-headed, happier and you can expect to lose some weight although the amount will vary for each individual.

The programme will mainly take place in a private Facebook group, however, Michele will send out worksheets for completion together with the Spring Clean Recipe eBook by email and you will meet on Zoom for lectures and in-depth Q&A sessions.

There will also be a 1:1 consultation with Michele at the beginning and the end of the 2 weeks to discuss progress and receive personalised advice for your next steps.

Your 14-Day Programme Includes:
  • Spring Clean recipe eBook with over 40 healthy recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes and snack options
  • Health coaching tools looking at your mindset to stay focused and on track
  • 1:1 consultation with Michele to discuss any health issues with take-away action points
  • Discount codes for health supplements
  • Zoom lecture on weight management & blood sugar balancing
  • Q&A sessions
Put a spring in your step and invest in your nutritional health. Click the link below to book your spot today.


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