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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors: Jake Weekes

Meet Our Brand Ambassadors: Jake Weekes

Over the past few weeks on our Instagram & Facebook, you might have noticed recurring faces on our video content. In case you were wondering who these awesome individuals with such valuable insights are, they are our Welcome Gym Brand Ambassadors! They are responsible for bringing you fitness tips, short workout routines and exercise expertise all while bringing the spirit of FUN!

While you might have seen him on some of our videos, we thought it was time that you got to know our first ambassador a bit better.

Meet Jake
Jake is a warm, approachable and extremely knowledgeable fitness professional. ALWAYS willing to share knowledge and help members, Jake is the perfect person to be at the forefront of the Welcome Gym Brand. We asked Jake some quick-fire questions about himself and his fitness career. Get to know him:

Growing up I played professional football and enjoyed doing things that made me perform better and be better. So when I stopped with football I wanted to be able to train other people to be better, and achieve the things they aspired towards.

Hip Thrust

Pineapple Chunks

I love being able to do things - whether that's random activities (spartans, tough mudders, the 3 peaks) and weekend sports (football, golf) - and I've spent years in pain with little niggles etc, so keeping myself strong and fit means I'll be able to do these things whenever I want and I want to spend as much of my life without pain as possible!

Completing the National 3 Peaks in under 24hrs. Hopefully, by the end of 2023, I'll have completed my very first Marathon in Venice (and I hate running so this will be my biggest achievement!)

Golf, Football, Learning Spanish and most importantly - eating out at different restaurants!

There's no rush - I know you want to achieve things yesterday, BUT, find a way to make lifting weights and gym classes something you turn up to each week. The slow steady progress you make over months & years is what future you will be extremely happy about. Yes, you can see incredible changes in the short term, but take the time to learn (hire a trainer if you're scared of doing this alone) - but finding a way to keep yourself doing this for the next 10 years will help you unlock the superpowers you have within!

Toughie - I don't really find the job that challenging - every client comes to me with their own challenges and we thrive together breaking through their barriers, having them feel more comfortable in the gym and in their own bodies. The fact that everyone is so different is exciting and makes this job so incredible. I guess the most challenging aspect is having enough hours of the day to support all of my clients, and produce things for free that can be useful for those who aren't able to afford personal training.

I am awful with music... Massive Dance Hits on Spotify saves me.

I struggle to keep up with the trends... BUT (and this isn't a trend I hope)... I'm SO happy more women are beginning to lift weights in the gym and start owning their space in the gym. It makes me so happy to see anyone who's scared of the gym take the leap and put their goals first.

T-shirt and shorts, undoubtedly they won't go together, and bright orange metcons

Podcast - LiftTheBar

That the gym is just for fit people... everybody starts somewhere, and everyone deserves their space in the gym!

Jake is based at our Sutton club so if you happen to run into him at the gym and have a burning fitness question, he will be HAPPY to help. You can also find him on our social media pages, visit his website or you could follow him @leanerstrongerjake on Instagram.

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