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It is never too late to start exercising..

It is never too late to start exercising..

There’s no doubt about it, keeping fit at any age makes for a happier, healthier life. However, getting yourself into a gym or a fitness routine as you get older can be particularly tough and daunting. The media is full of facts and figures regarding the many benefits of being more active, and it is widely accepted that just 30 minutes of activity a day can help prevent disease, improve your mental state and help you remain mobile. You may not know where to begin, but you know you should do something to get out and get moving, so here are 3 suggestions and a few simple tips that may help ease you into a healthy habit.

Get Walking Not only does walking make you feel happy and energised, it also has amazing health benefits, including strengthening the heart, lowering the risk of dementia , helping with weight loss and toning up your legs, bottom and tummy. The best part of walking is also that it is free! If you have a dog, why not take them with you, or instead of meeting a friend for lunch, why not meet up for a walk and coffee instead? Getting outside in the fresh air has a huge, positive impact on your state of mind, and you’ll notice things about your neighbourhood you never saw before. You may even meet some new faces and talk to a neighbour for the first time.

Swim for your health Swimming is a fantastic way to get your heart working without putting too much strain on your body. It is an excellent way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whilst you are swimming you will release endorphins that make you feel great. Your body becomes weightless in water, meaning you can exercise for longer than you would be able to out of the water. Swimming is also deeply relaxing and can help to ease aches and pains.

Have you tried the gym? The gym is a great way to stay fit and healthy, as it offers an extensive range of facilities. The best areas to focus on are your strength and balance, as this can help prevent falls, which can often result in injury. Classes are another way to exercise in a more sociable environment, and there are so many different ones to choose from. Yoga and Pilates are recommended for improving posture, strength and flexibility. Some classes are just 15 or 20 minutes long and these offer a good way to try something new, in the knowledge that the session will be quite short. You are likely to be surprised though, as classes do offer a great exercise experience, they are fun to do and the time flies.

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