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Task 1 - 3 Is The Magic Number

Task 1 - 3 Is The Magic Number

The NHS recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling, running or fast walking every week and strength exercises that work all the major muscles on one or two days a week. Fitting this amount of exercise into your busy life with work, chores and family demands can be quite difficult, and certainly attending the gym every single day may not be sustainable, either physically or mentally.

However, aiming to work out three times a week at the gym for an hour or so is a realistic and achievable goal for most people, especially if you get yourself organised and schedule visits to the gym into your weekly timetable. So try to attend the gym three times a week for at least one week during the 7-week challenge and preferably for all those weeks– it could become a good habit!

* Decide what’s a good time for you – before work, at lunchtime or in the evening, if you need to organise a baby-sitter – and plan your visits a week ahead.

* It's a good idea to put your gym visits in your diary or calendar or stick a reminder on the fridge to prompt you to go at the time you’ve scheduled.

* Persuade a friend to join you, so you will feel you’re letting them down if you don’t go. A training partner will motivate you too.

* Mix up your workouts – spinning, treadmills, weights, circuits, yoga or swimming if your gym has a pool. And try new things.

* Get advice from a personal trainer or member of the gym team to make sure your workouts are sufficiently varied.

* Keep active on the days that you don’t attend the gym but give yourself time to relax and rest too.

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