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Task 2 - Give Us A Thumbs Up!

Task 2 - Give Us A Thumbs Up!

On the second stage of your Join, Like, Learn journey, we would like you to take a selfie of you and a member of our fitness team, whether an instructor or personal trainer, giving everyone a thumbs up sign, and to post this on Facebook.

We want this initiative to involve all Welcome Gym members, and a thumbs up is your stamp of approval for the idea that although we are all different individuals, we are part of a community that shares the same aims and ambitions – to get fitter, stay healthier and live a longer, more active and enjoyable life.

So whether you’re a gym bunny or just a regular gym-goer from High Wycombe, Cheltenham or Southend, give us a thumbs up to show that you support the Welcome Gym family’s joint effort to Join, Like and Learn and commit to get fit.

Oh, and don’t forget to get a member of staff to stamp your Join, Like, Learn reward card Task 2 stamp!

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