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Task 7: Cook a Healthy Eating Recipe – And Share It on Facebook

Task 7: Cook a Healthy Eating Recipe – And Share It on Facebook

Of course, healthy eating is a very important part of keeping in good physical condition. Food is not just fuel; it contains a complex range of nutrients that feed our bodies, helping us to attain or retain a healthy weight, renew tissues, build muscle, avoid infection and keep a clear skin and shiny hair.

Eating five or more vegetables and fruits every day is a good start, but if you’re looking for inspiration on how to incorporate these in interesting and healthy recipes, have a look at our library of Food/Recipes blogs.

As well as advice on healthy eating, our blogs feature tempting ideas for seasonal eating, quick snacks and good food to share with friends, as well as a few indulgent but reasonably healthy treats to reward you for your hard work in the gym.

So, your last task on your Join, Like, Learn challenge is to try one of our recipes, take a photo of the results and share it on Facebook. Alternatively, if you have a healthy recipe of your own, please feel free to share that instead and include a photo as proof of your culinary talents!

Oh, and don't forget to get the final stamp on your Join, Like, Learn reward card from a member of staff, claim your prize of a Welcome Gym branded Fruit-Infuser water bottleand drop your reward card into the box at Reception, to be entered into an exciting prize draw!

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