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We love you Megan - You're a Star!

We love you Megan - You're a Star!

In line with our festive theme of all focusing on the things we love, we thought we’d give one of our special fitness instructors, Megan Haggar, the recognition she deserves for her contribution towards making our Southend Welcome Gym so vibrant and successful.

Our members often send us positive feedback about Megan, these are just a few of the recent comments we have received about her...: -
  • “The Spin session she ran on Saturday morning was brill! Loved the songs and I think it should be like that every weekend, maybe with movie soundtracks from the ‘80s and ‘90s.”
  • “Hi Team – I just wanted to give feedback on this morning’s HIIT class instructed by Megan. It was a really good, tough and well-planned session and it was great to finally start to use some of the equipment you have, that ordinarily I wouldn’t use independently. Now I will start to incorporate these items into my own workout.”
  • “Megan is, in my opinion, the best Spin instructor you have…Her enthusiasm and passion for instructing others is motivational and her explanation for each workout is clear and concise. The music used in her sessions adds a new layer of intensity that I have never felt in a Spin class.
  • “When I find Megan is conducting a session, I immediately sign up.”

Megan’s obviously a much loved member of staff in the Welcome Gym, so we thought we’d ask her a few questions and let you know her answers.

How long have you been at welcome Gym?
Three and a half years. I started as an apprentice and gradually worked my way up to gaining a Level 3 Personal Training Certificate. When did you feel at your fittest and what activity were you doing to get you there? Training for the London Marathon in April 2017, I did a combination of running, resistance and function training.

Did you enjoy PE at school? What was your teacher like?
I loved PE at school and especially enjoyed the range of options and different sports I could try. I competed for my school in cross-country, athletics, Badminton, gymnastics and trampolining. Luckily, my teacher was encouraging and supportive.

What do you love most about your job?
I love teaching classes - this is by far the most enjoyable part of my day - getting to know a variety of members and helping them achieve their goals.

What did you have for breakfast today?
I had porridge with a sliced banana.

What is the tune you always turn up to motivate you in your own workout?
Higher Ground by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What is the bravest thing you have ever done?
Jump out of an aeroplane at 13,000ft. – it was mind-blowing!

Tell us one thing we didn’t know about you?
I danced from a young age and performed at Disneyland Paris.

As Club Manager, Luke Johnson, says, “At Welcome Gym we all see Megan as a star. She’s always happy at work and she is continuously motivating and helping our members. She’s often come into work outside her shift to meet members and guide them through their workouts. Every day Megan demonstrates that she enjoys being in the fitness industry, and she’s a great example to other up and coming fitness professionals. She’s also helpful and courteous to her colleagues, who like our members, are inspired by her infectious energy on the gym floor. She’s just a brilliant team player.”

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