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If you`re in need of some specific health and fitness advice or need some added motivation, at Sutton Welcome Gym we offer a talented team of Personal Trainers to help. Each individual has their own area of interest and specialist-training techniques which you can view below:

Charlie Kavanagh

As your personal trainer I will help guide you and motivate you to achieve your goals whether it be weight loss, toning or muscle gain. With my...

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Jake Weekes

I have helped over 200 men and women lose more than 1000 lbs over the years and helped numerous people rediscover what life without lower back and...

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James Barnett

I specialise in working alongside both men and women to transform your body composition in the shortest time possible. By working with you 1:1 I can...

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Justin Emmerson

I specialise in helping you to identify what your goals are and using these to create a structured and realistic training plan that best suits you...

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Martyn Geer

I work with my clients to understand their lifestyle and goals to work with them as a team to develop sustainable healthy habits. I appreciate...

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Neil Knight

I am a dynamic trainer with over 15 year experience in the health and leisure industry. I have worked for many of the top providers and as a PT...

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Slavena Mihaylova

Coming from a competitive background as a professional gymnast having a healthy lifestyle and athletics have always been part of my life .Now as a...

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