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James Barnett

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I specialise in working alongside both men and women to transform your body composition in the shortest time possible. By working with you 1:1 I can gain the best insight into how and why the lifestyle choices you’ve made so far have contributed to the way you look and feel. Understanding this process and applying individualised and effective training programmes, along with personalised and up to date nutrition principles, allows me to help you develop a lifestyle that not only makes you look good but feel good too! Whether its fat loss, muscle gain or physical fitness, I’m here to help.

You will achieve results by training with me.

My role here is to mix up to date theory with my years of experience working with a variety of clients with differing goals, to guide you, advise you, educate you and motivate you. The fitness industry can be a minefield of conflicting information and advice, my goal is to help you filter the good from the bad and keep you on track. Correct training is, first and foremost, an education and I firmly believe helping you to learn and understand the basic principles and apply them to your life will set you on a journey to maintaining the results you worked hard for whilst enjoying the process,

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